collection agency - are organizations that work with borrowers of banks for one reason or another have terminated repay.Agency buys loans from banks (contract of assignment), or working under the agency agreement, a fee as a percentage of the amount repaid debt.Some collection agencies are subsidiaries of large banks, there are also many private firms that specialize in this activity.
Debt collection is done in several stages.Please communicate with troubled borrowers contact center employees.Their task - to persuade the borrower to repay the debt in need o
f court.Typically, at this stage of recovery with collectors polite conversationalist.If the debtor refuses to communicate with them, to make calls to his friends, family and colleagues at work.
The next step is enhanced psychological impact on the borrower.Calls are becoming more insistent, collectors do not ask for, and require to pay.When all previous methods are useless, the debtor can be sent to a visiting artist.Collectors are making every effort to personally meet them and tell them about all the possible consequences of non-payment.Sometimes, employees of collection agencies exceed their authority, in the course are veiled threats of physical violence, prosecution and confiscation of property.In addition, actively spreading information about the dishonesty of the borrower.
collection agency has the right to go to court, but in practice using it infrequently.In most cases, their methods of recovery remains at stalking dialing borrower and his entourage, letters and visits, which are terminated with no effect.However, the borrower takes a lot of effort and nerves to survive this period.