First of all, choose the bank where you will transfer the money deposited.It is believed that the "Alfa-Bank" offers the best opportunities for transactions with electronic money, "VTB" will support lending and "Sberbank" has the most developed network of ATMs.You can ask for advice from friends.
There is another strategy - to choose not a bank, and a profitable contribution.However, the interest rate savings accounts is not much different in the most popular financial companies.Please note that your actual income could be seriously curtailed due to inflation.The highest percentages usually offe
r small banks (to attract customers).But in this case, the number is worse than the quality - half percent of high-risk, but more often, and a small number of small offices of the bank.
Come to the bank, the manager's desire to open a deposit account.Ask about the pros and cons of interest deposit withdrawal conditions in your bank and its affiliate network.You will need to present a passport, fill out the paperwork and make the sum to the account (minimum deposit of each bank of your own).
keep money in the currency has its pluses.Dollars and Euros have a firm course, accepted worldwide.Therefore, the deposit in foreign currency can increase the ruble capital.In the exchange, choose the most favorable exchange, will not be charged additional fees.The average interest rate on foreign currency deposits in Russia amounts to 3-5% per annum.
Connection Internet banking services could be useful if you receive payments more often 5-10 times per month.Then a regular trip to the ATM takes you longer.Service Cost can range from 50 to 100 rubles (depending on the bank).