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  • - passports lender, the borrower.
Discuss with all the conditions of the borrower to borrow money much detail.Even if the best requests for help a friend or relative, do not hesitate to negotiate the details.Explain to the person that IOU - not a manifestation of your confidence, and legal norms of civilized relations.
way, acting as a borrower, you can also initiate the execution of a written document.Unfortunately, scammers creditors met little less dishonest debtors.In controversial situations IOU will be the official confirmation of the obligations of both parties.
Make a draft released.Writing in the free form, the strict requirements for its registration no.The main c
ondition - the most accurate summary of the loan terms.
Specify the details of borrowers and lenders: last name, first name (without abbreviations), the date and place of birth, address of registration and actual residence, passport data.This information will, if necessary, to quickly identify the person and to prove that he is a lender or debtor.
then specify the purpose of the loan.This point is very important.The receipt, which does not state the reason for receiving the money will not be the basis for the demand of the debt through the courts.For example, the phrase "I received from Anna Sidorova Sidarauna 5000 rubles May 21, 2012," does not reflect the need to return the money.Defaulting borrower can say that this amount has been transferred to him as payment for certain services or donated, and the receipt just reflects the fact that the transfer notes from hand to hand.Therefore it is better to use the following wording: "I, ..., received from Anna Sidorova Sidarauna, ..., 5000 (five thousand) May 21, 2012 as a loan."
Pay attention to the spelling of the principal and the currency in which it is granted and must be returned.The size of the borrowed funds must indicate the full figures and words, such as "5000 (five thousand)."If the money is transferred in foreign denominations, it is important to give their exact name, such as "5000 (five thousand US dollars)."
List the conditions of repayment.For the use of money, you can assign a certain percentage, which the debtor is obliged to pay together with the principal amount.If the loan is interest-free, it is also a must reflect the receipt.Just specify the expected duration of the final settlement of the loan and the debtor's liability in the event of late payment.Include a receipt, for example, the following sentence: "For the use of borrowed funds is obliged to pay interest at the rate of 10% (ten percent) per year.The full amount (principal and interest) is obliged to return no later than ... In case of delay in repayment of borrowed funds guarantee payment of interest at a rate of 0.1% (zero point one percent) per day from the amount received. '
Reread draft promissory note.Then, the borrower must own rewrite it completely and sign.Do not print the document on a computer.If there is a conflict situation, the court would require a handwriting analysis to determine the authenticity of the signature of the debtor.
Sign IOU, a good option is the presence of two witnesses at the same time.They can speak colleagues, neighbors, relatives and other people who have no personal interest in the loan.Witnesses have to enter into a document their passport details (name, first name, date of birth, series, number, date of issue), the date of transfer and sign after the main text and the signature of the debtor and the creditor.IOU assure a notary is not required by law, but you can.