any automatic way to withdraw money from Webmoney system currently requires at least "formal certificate" with uploaded to the server and verify scans your documents - passport and tax.So if you have not already done, the first step for the withdrawal of cash from the system should be uploaded to the server of "Verification Center" and applying for verification.When the status of the document will change to "check" you can go directly to the money transfer.
Start WM-keeper and log in, then click the "output WM» tab "My Webmoney».
Choose one of ten ways to cash out.The sequence of further actions will depend on the chosen variant.For example, if you click a link "Withdraw WMR to RUR money transfers without opening an accoun
t," the keeper launch your browser and load a web page.
Select one of eight money transfer systems on the loaded page.Must come from a percentage of the amount of output that the selected system will keep as payment for their services, and the availability of cash withdrawal points of the system at your place of residence.
Fill in all forms of data required for the transfer.This procedure is not broken down as individual web-forms, each of which will be successively loaded into the browser after completing and sending the previous one.In the forms, except for personal data, you will need to specify the amount of the transfer and pick at the most appropriate service point selected money transfer system.
Record or print the details of the transfer, which will be presented to you in the browser page, where all the necessary forms to be filled.
Find the translation of the selected branch money transfer system.This will require a passport and details of the transaction.As a rule, such transfers can be obtained in two to three hours if it is a working day for banks.
can use other ways of cashing - postal order or obtain cash from any banking institution, which has a certificate from the appropriate system Webmoney.The rest of the methods in fact not "cashing" - a non-cash transfers to any of your bank accounts.With such a wire transfer you are free to do whatever is necessary, including, and can get cash by credit card or at the cash dispenser.