you need
  • - passport;
  • - surname, name and patronymic of the recipient and its location;
  • - pen;
  • - the amount of cash that covers the size of the transfer and the commission.
Select system, which services you want to use.In the post-Soviet space their range is large enough.You can take advantage of both the international system Western Union, or any of a variety of others.Basic defining criteria: the price of the services, the rate of passage of the transfer (from 15 minutes to three days), the ability to select issue (depending on the system it may be any in the city or a country or a specific sender's optio
n), the number of complaints of users (inoperation of some systems, unfortunately, frequent failures).
If you select a system where you can only get the money in one particular point contact with the recipient address and agree on the most convenient for him.
Contact your local collection point for the selected payment system.Most often it is banks, working with several money transfer systems simultaneously.But there may also be points of sale: cellular shops and others.
Notify processing operator of their wish to make a transfer to Armenia, name system, which would like to take, amount and currency (most systems work with dollars and euros, many also with rubles).
Fill in your teller paper.They will need to specify the name and the presence of first name of the recipient, the country where it is located, if necessary - the city and the address of a particular item of transfer (to specify the exact address, use the help of customer support, which hand should be a list) and the data sender.If you want to make a mark in designated places, for example, that neither you nor the recipient is not an official party that the transfer is not connected with commercial activities, etc.
Pass processing operator-filled paper and your passport.If you want to respond to his questions, sign in proposed locations.
Make money: the transfer amount plus fee.
received in return a receipt and a paper indicating the transfer control number.
Pass in any convenient way (by telephone, SMS, e-mail, any program messaging) control number to the recipient.For the money, he must also know the system by which they are transferred, amount, name and patronymic of the presence of the sender.