you need
  • - passport;
  • - money;
  • - requisites for transfer;
  • - a computer with Internet access;
  • - bank card or account number;
  • - ATM or terminal.
In person at the cashier of the bank usually enough of your passport, money, and in the presence of a bank card, passbook or equivalent document.You are required to report the desire to make the payment and call loan product, debt on which you repay.
When making this operation through a third-party bank, the post office or in the salon of cellular communication you will need details - account number and possibly other data, at least the name of the bank .
in the direction of the bank's thus may require a passport, it is better to have it with you and mail, in the salons of cellular communication it is usually not necessary.
Bank Transfer between your accounts in the same bank and different can be done via the interface of Internet banking by selecting the appropriate option, or by personal visit to the bank, and in some cases through the call center(usually between accounts in the same bank).
During the visit to the bank needed a passport and the presence of additional identifiers (card, passbook, etc.).Details are needed in all cases, except for the transfer between their accounts in the same bank.
When funding the account through a terminal or an ATM of your bank , with the option for cash, identification is performed by using a bank card and PIN.But in some Bank's enough to type the 20-digit account number, check your details and select the option for cash.
Depending on the model money can be made through the bill validator or put in an envelope, which is inserted into the hole intended for it.
Through ATM often available as transfers between different customer accounts in the same bank.To do this, select the appropriate option, the account between which the transfer will be made and enter the amount.
When funding the account through a third-party payment terminal, you must select the appropriate menu option and enter your bank account number, and then insert the money considering the transfer fee in the bill validator.
Terminals and ATM machines do not give change, so it is usually necessary to transfer some more money than is required.