will calculate the debt as long as the entire amount is not paid regardless of whether the children reached the age of majority or not.The limitation period for the retention of the debt does not apply if the debtor refuse to pay maintenance.
arrears of alimony calculated on the basis of whether, in what terms awarded alimony as a fixed sum or a percentage of revenue.
If the alimony awarded to pay a fixed sum, this figure is multiplied by the number of months for which there debt plus the amount of current support.The payment of these funds is calculated in such a ratio to the amount deduc
ted does not exceed 70% of the income of the debtor, because a large amount of it is impossible to keep the law.
In the formation of the debt as a percentage of revenues added up all income over the past period and divided by the number of months in the billing period.Calculating the percentage of child support per month and multiplied by the number of months for which there debt .Calculating the current child support and the amount of the debt, but not more than 70% of the income of the debtor.
If during the period resulting arrears alimony debtor did not work and had no formal income, the amount owed is calculated from the minimum wage.
When the debtor has several children and debt for alimony payments formed by all the children, the maximum percentage of retention of revenues - 70% is divided equally among all the children of the debtor.
If after a ruling on the payment of debt and the current support, the debtor refuses to pay, it may be forced to make it work, or sentenced to up to 1 year, that will not remove from him the responsibility for the payment of debt andalimony.
Alimony can be removed when the coming of age of the child, upon adoption, if the child has acquired legal capacity before the age of majority.
arrears of alimony may be removed only in two cases - a child has died or if the debtor has died.