Attachment - is the use of financial instruments for the purpose of material gain.This can be a savings, resale or buying-priced goods at the lowest price.Sometimes, the price may go down at random - because of the bankruptcy of companies or saturation of the market.There are trends, knowledge of which will be in the right place at the right time to invest money in a year.
easiest way to save is to buy a home winter clothing on sale in the summer;summer shoes and winter items.Many people ignore this possibility, but in vain.Some things can be bought for 50% of the price (discounts can reach up to 70%).Moreover, such a vision excludes the possibility of force majeure related to the sudden warming / cooling.
Buying property from time immemorial been considered the safest investment tool.And if the price fluctuations in the apartment are low, seasonality in the market of private homes and land.Construction of houses by itself is a great business.You can buy inexpensive land, hire workers and buy an inexpensive building material (concrete blocks, bricks half).Cost of construction is low and the sale will be able to earn and re-invest.
If you get a good handle numbers and analyze information, can participate in the futures market.Futures - paper for the purchase of goods in the future.So, in September you can buy the December crude oil (it will put on an autumn price, without the cost of storage).If the price increase for the winter - futures can be sold, earning on it.Trends in this market is not easy, it is necessary to take into account the global economic situation, weather and many other factors.But the return on futures seasonal high.