Open Practice Account.In order not to "rush into the maelstrom of his head," open a demo account.Many sites offer this opportunity.To do this, download the training terminal - and a demo account is opened.
Go training.It is not necessary to spend time and money to pass any course, training to work on Forex.The largest brokers is not only carried out the courses, and conduct virtual training, consulting, videoconferencing.In addition, distance learning makes it possible to do so at any time, at the right time to stop, reflect and think.
Open a real account.Brokerage houses, in which you will be trained by the end of the course will offer you to open an account to the reality to try their hand.If this does not happen or you ha
ve not been trained, relying on their own knowledge, go to any broker's website and fill out a special form questionnaire.It most often contains general questions: e-mail address, name, city, phone number.After filling the form, you will receive a confirmation with all the necessary data by e-mail.Some brokers also require a scanned copy of your passport - submit.
Further, as in the case with the training account, download the trading terminal.As the market does not work directly with the trader, but only through a broker, this stage can not be avoided.It should be borne in mind that for the opening of accounts will need a certain amount of money.Again, different brokers offer different conditions.This may be just the minimum amount in order to try yourself, but do not go broke, or the amount which might have something to earn.Brokers often offer several types of accounts.They mainly differ in the amount of contributions, interest brokerage, provides leverage, the annual interest on deposited funds.