you need
  • - confirmation of received income and paid taxes to him (reference 2NDFL et al.);
  • - documentary evidence of the right to deduct;
  • - declaration on the form 3NDFL;
  • - application for deduction of tax agent or office.
Some tax deductions, such as Standard and Professional, you can get through your tax agent: an employer or organization from which receive payment for civil contract.To do this, you must write a statement the head of the organization with a request for a tax deduction, and enclosing copies of documents confirming the right to it.
For example, a birth certificate when you make a standard tax deduction for a child.
If your contract involves the payment of royalties, you only
need to write a statement.Other documents he has a tax agent.
In other cases, have to apply to the tax office that serves your address of residence registration.You may also contact the tax if they feel does not give you a deduction through a tax agent.
in the inspection, you must submit a declaration on the form 3NDFL with sections on all income over the past year, taxes paid and deductions you rely and documents confirming the receipt of income tax payment to him and the right to deduct.
fill in the declaration is easiest with the help of the program, which is called the "Declaration."You can download it for free on the site GNIVTS FTS.
Add documents to a set of application for granting a tax deduction.If you rely more thereof, each written separately.In it you can specify the form and return of overpaid taxes: transfer to your account (specify the details) or through a tax agent (enter its full name).
full package of documents to the inspection personally take (make a copy for her to make a mark of acceptance), or send by mail the registered letter with the list of investment and return receipt.
then wait for the notification from the tax of the decision.