you need
  • - declaration on the form 3NDFL;
  • - Help 2NDFL of all tax agents and / or receipt of payment NDFL13%;
  • - contract for the provision of educational services;
  • - copy of the license of the educational institution where tuition is paid;
  • - receipt or payment orders confirming the transfer of funds for education;
  • - a statement in any form.
collection of documents for tax deduction to start with the conclusion of the contract for training.Just ask the employees of the institution to make you a copy of its license for the provision of educational services.Save it, as well as an agreement on training and receipt of his oplate.Vse it will need to provide to the tax office.
Collect documents proving your income and tax paid by him, in all their t
ax agents.Tax agents in this case are your employers on the main and other jobs and all the organizations with which you have concluded civil contracts (contract, copyright and others.).
That document serves as reference 2 NDFL.Dlya its receipt write an application addressed to the head of the organization and give it to the accounting department, personnel department, reception or other contact person, depending on the order in a particular company.
If you received income not through a tax agent (for example, from the sale of property) will serve as a proof of its size corresponding contracts and tax - a receipt with the details and the amount of payment and checks from the bank.
When all proof of income, collected, fill in their tax return form the basis 3NDFL.It can be downloaded from the Internet, fill in on computer and printed out, or take the form of tax and fill in using a typewriter or by hand in blue or black ink.
If you prefer to receive a deduction without the participation of the employer, get a savings account.The bank branch where you open it, get its details.
And now it's time to write a statement.It is supplied in an arbitrary manner.But in the "header" must indicate the number of inspections, which draws your last name, first name, address, registration index, TIN, contact telefony.Optimalnaya wording of the text of the main part of the statement: "In accordance with Art.21 of the Tax Code please give me a social tax deduction for education in the amount of ... ... kopecks rubles (amount in words).I owed the amount of tax paid to the return request to transfer to the following account: (account number, details of the branch of the Savings Bank). "
assembled a package of documents you send to the tax by mail or in person to carry.In the first case, send him a registered letter with return receipt and list of contents.In the second to make copies of each document.One set will remain in the tax, the second with a mark of acceptance, you will return.