share in mutual fund investment is considered to be a registered security, which reaffirms the right of the owner to a share in the assets of a mutual investment fund.The law prohibits indicate the nominal value of the share, so its size is determined by the possible as a fraction of total mutual fund assets or the total value of mutual fund.Moreover, all units are the same, ie certify the right to an equal share in the property fund.But each party can hold a different number of shares that allows you to make your own contribution as almost any amount of money.The market value of a share is not its size, since this figure is constantly changing, it may increase or decrease depending on the current situation, performance and results of the management company.

Can shared investment unit?

a general rule, investment shares cer
tify the rights to whole shares in the fund, which can not be further divided.However, sometimes there are situations in which points to a fractional value of shares, belonging to a particular party.The legislation allows to determine the share in such a way when the investment share paid or not fully repaid, the case extradition, exchange of investment units.If one participant fund owns several fractional shares, they added up to the correct reporting documentation.In most cases, dispose of fractional part of a share can not be alone, because the law allows her appeal only together with whole shares.The only exception is the lack of investor entire units.

What should be considered when assessing the size of the unit?

size unit in a mutual fund is always in relation to the share of the common property.That is why all the participants share fund are equity owners.But in this case the disposal of fractional ownership is realized with certain features peculiar to this method of property management.Thus, the participants share fund voluntarily waive the pre-emptive right to buy shares of other members of the fund, which ensures free circulation of shares, allowing each depositor at any time require the management company share buyback, to dispose of it in any other way.