you need
  • - tax return;
  • - statement.
Tax deductions are designed to support low-income families, but available to all citizens.Deduction for each child entitled to parents, guardians or carers in the amount of 600 rubles a month, while the annual income will not exceed 40 thousand. Rubles.For widowers and single parents the amount is doubled.
The tax deduction applies to the money spent on tuition, charities, pension insurance and treatment.Get a deduction for charity can only be of an amount that is not more than 4 of the annual income.So if a charity make a donation, consisting of most of the revenue, the state will return in
any case, only 25%.
apply for social payments only once a year and the maximum amount of deduction shall not exceed 100 thousand. Rubles per person.
Social deduction is granted only on the basis of documents confirming the costs.To get a deduction from the cost of tuition of the child, you must contract with an educational institution to make out in his name.Otherwise, the deduction will not be paid.
Property tax deductions apply to transactions conducted with securities and the sale of real estate.
For property deductions the taxpayer must submit the documents to the tax office, which confirms ownership of the property sold.
All deductions other than property, provided after the end of the calendar year.To do this, submit a declaration to the tax office and a written statement.Term reclaim limited to 3 years.
Deductions can receive a one-off pieces or total amount.All documents required to provide the tax office at the place of residence in person or by mail.Apply for deductions at any time, but to compensate for operating costs deductions can only be in the next year.Remains of social deductions can not be carried over to the following year.