main reason why the rising world oil prices, experts have called the information released in the US that clearance of hydrocarbons in the country has significantly exceeded market expectations.The Ministry of Energy has published data showing that oil reserves in the first week of August, fell by 3.73 million barrels and reached the lowest level since April 13 target of 369.9 million barrels.Market experts forecast a drop of this index by only 1.55 million bpd.A similar trend has also affected the gasoline inventories, which fell by 724,000 barrels, while the
projected growth is expected of them by 250 thousand barrels.Stocks distillers decreased by 1.8 million barrels, which is almost in line with expectations - 1.75 million barrels per day.This has resulted in a sharp rise in oil prices - on the London Stock Exchange September Futures for Brent crude held August 8 at a price of $ 112.6 per barrel.At the New York Stock Exchange, the September futures contract for WTI crude oil held at $ 94.25 per barrel and the increase was 0.62%.During August, oil prices continued to rise in price, and already 22 of futures transactions in October for light WTI crude oil were made at $ 96.97 a barrel, while Brent crude was worth $ 114.78.Price increase was again due to a further decline of hydrocarbon reserves in the United States.Inflation expectations and the rise in oil prices also associated with the rumors that the ECB is going to buy bonds with maturities of more than three years, while it is planned that the volume of purchases will be unlimited, the controller is not going to get the status of a senior creditor purchased government bonds.The European Central Bank, according to sources close to his leadership, will not publicly establish the fixed rate of return on bonds of any country, so the regulator will not buy securities when this level is exceeded.