Bookmakers believe that to get out of Group A (Poland, Russia, Greece, Czech Republic) has the best chance our team - the current index of leading European bookmaker William Hill for this event is set to 1,3: 1.The second team with an almost equal chance to be called the Polish national team (3: 1) and Greece (3.3: 1).
Because the group B (Netherlands, Denmark, Portugal, Germany) are most likely to need to get into the quarterfinals Team Germany (1.2: 1) and the Netherlands (1.75: 1).The national teams of Spain and Italy - favorites of the group (Spain, Italy, Ireland, Croatia).Their coefficients in William Hill today are 0.57: 1 and 2.75: 1 respectively.In group D (Ukra
ine, France, Sweden, England) put bookmakers on England (1.63: 1) and Sweden (1.75: 1).The chances of the Ukrainian team to go to the next stage are estimated as 4: 1.
most likely believed that in the final match of Euro 2012 will be played by the national teams of Spain and Germany - the probability of this event, according to William Hill is 7: 1.In the second and third pairs final probability also present the Spanish team - meeting her in this game with the Dutch national team is estimated by a factor of 12: 1, and with the team in Italy - 16: 1.According to William Hill, when Russia will be able to reach the final, most likely it will be a rival team of Holland - the probability of this event is 66: 1.
to win the championship for Spain bookmakers accept the lowest rate - 2.25: 1.The second most likely contender for the title is considered to be the German team (3: 1).Next, the coefficients are very close Netherlands (7: 1) and England (8: 1).The chances of the Russian team to get the gold medal of the European Championship is estimated at 20: 1 (eighth row of the list), and the Ukrainian national team - 40: 1 (ninth).
German with Spanish roots Mario Gomez according to bookmakers is your highest scoring striker of Euro 2012 - the likelihood of such a William Hill estimates at 8: 1.A full-blooded Spaniard David Villa is second on the list - his odds are 9: 1.The top three also includes Dutchman Robin van Persie (10: 1).