Market research

If you have a desire to become a trader, you need to have a free forex training centers, among which occupy a prominent place, and Teletrade Alpari.During the course you open a demo account, which are trying to sell yourself.It should take into account the substantial difference between psychological trading on a demo account and a live account.

next step will be opening a real account and its completion.However, this process is preferably carried out under the supervision of a consultant center Forex.The minimum s
ize of the contribution, in which the possibility of trading is $ 2,000.To make sure trade is desirable to about $ 5,000.After that, you can bargain on a real account.However, it should be noted that at this stage 85% of new traders devastate your account.


only the remaining 15% of new traders will be able to become true professionals.If you entered the number, you need to continue learning, choose a few right strategies and hone skills to perfection.You can also take individual training on a fee basis from an experienced master, who will reveal the subtleties of the craft.Usually this is a short but productive hands-on course, which may be accompanied by footage on electronic media.

To be successful in the Forex market average trader sufficient knowledge about the five strategies.A good level of profitability of the novice trader is about $ 2,000 per month.When your income reaches $ 5,000, you become a trader average.Yield trade professional trader has no limits.

must be remembered that those who come to play on the forex luck, be sure to lose.Forex - it is not gambling.This is a serious intellectual work.Only those who came up with the attitude to work, certainly earn.However, there are some important rules:
- strict discipline, without which it is impossible to organize either one serious activity;
- self-education, constant improvement of the waste and the study of new strategies;
- continuous analysis of the market (the market is so dynamic that under it must constantly adapt);
- capital management;
- risk management.

Forex Trading attracts many because it gives a chance to get a good income.Perhaps it is this job right for you.It is important to treat it responsibly and constantly move forward.