you need
  • - control cash register (CSA)
First, register the cash register at the IRS, otherwise checks will be void.Apply for registration of the CAC in the IRS, after consideration of the application and registration of the representative of the IRS assigned a specific day.On this day you will come to the cash register to the tax office where the inspector will record the date and make the necessary data.
Next conclude an agreement with the Service Center (TEC) for the treatment in the event of problems, as specialists TEC install seals at the unit's registration in the tax inspectorate.
The check must be written clearly
defined list of data: the name of the organization or entrepreneur name, TIN, check the registration number, the date and time of issue, type of goods, the number of the cash register, the total amount of calculation.All this data is at the cashier enters the tax inspector under your password.The time is from the date of fiscalization, which introduced the tax officials.Description of goods or services entered the cashier yourself.
After all the settings and register the ASC is ready to use and can be used.Before starting work, immediately after switching on the machine make sure that the date is displayed on the display corresponds to reality.If the machine gave the wrong date, change it to true, if you do not have rights to change the date, call a specialist from the TEC.
Check, if there is a mismatch in the more than 10 min., While it should also be clarified.Time may change independently, without specialists.
Check knocked out one or more of the purchase, with or without the surrender.

for issuing a check for a purchase / service (no date), enter the amount / PRICE (product / service), then the "BB", then press "= / Results" and then "BB".

for issuing a check for two or more purchases / services (without delivery) enter the amount / PRICE (product / service), then the "BB", then SUM / BID (second product / service), the "BB", "=/ TOTAL "and again" BB ".

To issue a check for the purchase with the delivery of entering the amount / PRICE (product / service), then the "BB", then the amount the buyer,
again "BB", "= / Results" and then "BB".

name buttons at different cash registers may differ, but have identical value.