Introduction feeding depends on what type of feeding is baby.Breast milk is the most satisfying all the needs of the growing organism, so hurry up with new products for the baby fed mother's milk, it is not necessary.Dietary diversity is possible in 5-6 months.Babies who are bottle-fed, to enter the fruit, vegetables or cereals can have three months, but it is best to consult on the matter with the attending pediatrician.It is he who knows what is the condition of the digestive system of a baby and can recommend a particular type of product and the term of their introduction.
most often recommended for children porridge, poorly gaining weight.They are in the greatest measure to
cope with this task.Fruits happy to eat all the kids, and vegetables are well suited for those who have problems with a chair.Once the choice is made, it remains only to buy the appropriate baby food or cook it yourself.
Introduction child feeding begins with small doses.As a first test is given mash or porridge at the tip of a teaspoon in the first feeding in the morning.This allows you to track the reaction of the digestive tract for a new product.If stomach upset or skin rash is observed, the next morning a portion of increases to the size of a teaspoon.Gradually, she brought to the extent permitted by the child at an early age.