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  • - bottle with water
In Soviet times, it was decided to feed the baby for hours from birth, and at night they had a 6-tichasovoy break -from midnight to six.If the baby during this period wanted to eat, he just gave water.After some time, the child's body to get used to this routine, and almost never happened awakenings.This has its advantages: the possibility of a full night's sleep, the child's addiction to the regime;but also disadvantages, too: a newborn baby has required much more adult, becauseHe had small portions and long breaks can cause stomach problems, and it is bad for breastfeeding - may decrease milk production.
now mainly feeding practices at the request of the child, ienot at regular intervals, and at his request - it could be an hour, maybe 4 hours, as the baby wants.On the one hand - it is go
od, because the body itself knows when he should have, but on the other - is the eternal binding to the child, especially if the breast-feeding - you can not go far, becausechild in this moment may be hungry, and feed it into the public areas - an aesthetic issue.Of course, you can find a way out, and decant to give him a bottle, but certain disadvantages do exist.And at night the baby may wake up often enough, causing my mother would be bad enough sleep.
Parents want as quickly as possible to transfer the child to a mode where he will sleep the whole night without waking up.When he was very small, do it better not.If you are breastfeeding, then slide the cot to her, or at least put the baby to her, then during his next feeding you do not have to climb, and the baby is sleeping quietly next to her mother.There are opponents of co-sleeping with the baby, arguing that it then difficult to wean from the parent's bed.There is some truth here is necessary to consider all the pros and cons.There are children who almost from birth wake up 1-2 times and quickly fall asleep, then you can and get up, but when the child needs every hour there is, few sleepless nights will forget about all the negative aspects of sleep with the baby.
When it ceases to have your baby at night, we can not say here, all individually.Some are already half a year with a good sleep, and some up to 2 years, want something to eat.It is impossible to forcibly deprive the child of the night feeding, if it is not ready for this, becauseit can cause psychological trauma.
But if your baby wakes up at night, make a couple of sips and then sleeps, the case is clearly not hunger, but rather comforting that my mother nearby.In this case, you can try to gradually wean the child from this habit.It should be replaced with plain water or feeding children tea.Maybe at first it would be against such a replacement, but after a while he would be no need to wake up.You can wake up at the time just to be with the baby close, pat him, to tell the tale, sometimes it is enough that he fell asleep again, and after a while ceased to wake up at all.