for the treatment of rhinitis in children is often used folk remedies.It is important to prevent condensation and drying of the mucus, it will only aggravate the situation.Ventilate the room frequently, where the child is.Place a humidifier or put a wet towel on a hot battery (in the winter).
for the treatment of rhinitis can be used saline.To do this, dissolve ½ small spoon of sea salt per 100 g of warm boiled water.This solution is necessary to bury the child to 3 drops into each nasal passage.Do not be afraid if the child starts to act up, coughing or sneezing.This is a normal reaction of the body.Bury saline drops can be every hour.
Often moms use parsley juice.It should be instilled 2 drops 5-6 times daily.Parsley can kill pathogens found in the nose of the baby.
The pharmacy you can buy the solution of vitamin A and bury it in a droplet.Oil lubricates the nasal passages, which prevents the formation of crusts, and relieves irritation.Vitamin A also contributes to rapid regeneration of the mucosa of the nose of the child.To lubricate frequently used sea buckthorn oil, it has the same effect as vitamin A.
treat runny possible with the help of Kalanchoe.To this end, its juice diluted in half with water.Then the diluted solution is instilled into each nostril 1-2 droplet.Kalanchoe juice contributes to irritation of the mucous membrane, causing liquefaction and discharge of mucus from the nose.Kalanchoe juice can be mixed with butter herb St. John's wort.
Few know what to treat a runny nose in infants may be using beet and onion.For example, in normal saline or water can be boiled add beet juice (5: 1), or onion juice (15: 1).
Many moms are wrong, that breast milk is very good to get rid of a cold.But this is not true.Mother's milk - this is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.This can only exacerbate rhinitis.
If rhinitis is not accompanied by increased body temperature, it is possible to rub baby feet warming balm, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.Then the legs need to wear warm socks and wrap up.You can also pour into socks dry mustard.