How to get a budget place

However, to get a place is not so easy, given that every year the number is rapidly declining.First of all, the candidate should have performed well in the uniform state testing, the results of which made enrollment in your schools.It will not be superfluous prizes in city competitions on subjects that will dominate in your profession.

Certainly, the state took care of the people who, due to certain circumstances can not go to college on a common basis.We are talking about children with disabilities, they are provided with incentives to enroll in higher education.

also an applicant can go to the so-called deal with any organization that pays his tuition.As a result, future specialist will have to work for a certain period in the organization, usually about five years.In case of violat
ion of these obligations a person a contract with the company will be terminated and will have to pay for their studies from their own pockets.This type of study is called the target.The number of target sites is also limited.

The benefits of learning on a budgetary basis

Students from the budget, are entitled to receive a scholarship.It is a kind of reward for diligent study.It is given to those students who regularly attend all classes and take exams on a mark not less than four out of five.

Those students who come from far away, can also claim a place in the hostel, which is in the school, this student need to have non-resident registration.

For excellent results the student may be awarded a trip to the resort or the student camp.This manages the trade union committee established institution.

Where there are low places

hold a competition for the right to free education is not only a public institution, has recently been such an opportunity appeared in many commercial institutions, but they must be accredited or licensed.In every major city there are state universities or institutes.If you do not pass the exam on points on a budgetary place for specialty interest in this city, you can always try to apply in another.The number of points required may vary greatly.