Choice discipline

Before entering the need to accurately determine the future profession and with who you would like to become in the future.The choice needs to be based on what you do best and what to do you like the most.For example, if you love chemistry, biology and physics, then you can get a good doctor or a biologist.If you do well in mathematics and interested in computers, programming and networking your way is the faculty of information technologies.

Do not listen to anyone's instructions, and should try to make a decision on their own, based on your preferences.You must make it clear to the people around you, it's only your future and your choice.If you choose what you do not like, you will not b
e able to work in that area and you will have to search for yourself in the other areas. Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the opinions of people who have received higher education.

When selecting options explore future trade demand in the labor market, wages and the type of work that will have to perform.It is necessary to determine whether this is a relevant and promising profession or in a few years it will be too unpopular.

choice of university

defined the future profession explore the sites of universities that offer your chosen specialization.Consider the various university rankings, the level of their popularity and the various opportunities offered by each institution.Try to pick a specialized university of your direction, where the training is professional teaching staff.For example, do not do the mathematics department at the university, oriented humanities. Do not be afraid that you will be disappointed in the future specialization - many people after they graduate successfully arranged without working later in the specialty.

Note the average pass rate of the exam, which is required for admission, as well as on the possibility of repeating already handed over state examination or passing the entrance examinations to the university.Note the number of budget places allocated by the state for the most outstanding students.Learn the cost of training and its corresponding level of the institution.

Pay attention to the infrastructure of the selected university.Try to choose the most convenient location for the university.If you are a student from out of town, you call in advance and inquire about the possibility of a place in the hostel and get information about the amenities and facilities that are present on campus.