you need
  • Ready diploma, posters or video presentation, handouts, Pointer, review, review, prepared speech
When a diploma is ready and it seems thatthe hardest thing is over, begins one of the most difficult stages: preparation of the defense.First of all, you need to prepare all the additional sheets for the diploma, then, posters or presentations.And most importantly - Preparing the speech of the defense.
reviews, and reviews for diploma or final qualifying work is preparing a thesis leader.These forms must be in a folder with a diploma.

Verified diploma with all the documents necessary to include within a specified time to the office of graduate design.If you do not hand over all in time, there will be no access to protection.So it is worth to check it out in advance, without waiting for the deadline
Now comes the turn of the preparation of visual aids.It can be either posters or presentation.Before creating a need to study the performance standards.They should be in the methodological guidelines for the implementation of the thesis.

standard developed 6 or 6-sheet poster presentation.The first poster in the upper right corner is placed the inscription "Poster 1".The rest is put the same inscription, but with a different number.In the lower right corner of the two inscriptions placed under each other "filled with ____" and "Checked ___."Close to records shall be signed by the artist (one who is protected by these posters) and the person who checked the posters - graduate manager.

Typically posters carried out according to certain unwritten standards.Poster 1 is performed by the head of administration.Poster 2, 3, 4, 5 - 1, 2, 3 heads diploma.Poster 6 - on the conclusions and recommendations.With this placement of visual information is the easiest way to tell them about the diploma.

posters are printed in a single copy.An additional advantage is to print posters in A4 format for each member of the Certification Commission.
When the posters are ready, the stage begins preparing speeches for the defense.It should be a summary that tells about the work done.

sure to make a speech at the beginning of this note: "Dear Chairman.Dear Members of the state certification committee, student name the group number to protecting the research paper is ready.Allow me to start. "

First of all, you need to specify the topic of the thesis, and then note its relevance today.Then begins the narrative of small heads.And finally you need to talk about the conclusions and recommendations.It should be linked with posters made earlier.Learn

it is desirable for at least 1 week.Also, preferably several times to tell it to someone from the family.Then do not be so scared to protect itself.
The day before the scheduled protection you need to prepare all the material to the morning not to forget anything.With a need to take the posters or drive a presentation pointer and handouts.

not necessary to repeat it all night.It is better to lie down and sleep early.
Protection Day is not necessary to drink any sedatives.They inhibit the brain.It is better to calmly repeat material for protection.

Before leaving, ask your classmates to help hang the posters.Sami enjoy a distribution of material to members of the commission.

Do not forget to take a pointer or handle.Poking a finger in the posters is very ugly.And the thing in the hands of a calming effect.

Remember that none of the commission members did not know the topic of the diploma as good as knows her defender.Therefore, we can be calm.Even if forgotten text of the speech, you can improvise, based on the information posters.The main thing - to be confident.

After the speech maples Commission will try to fill up the issues.They can even say that the topic of the diploma does not match the information in it.Defend their opinion, be persistent.It depends on the final assessment.In no case can not break off, get lost.Looking for something to answer.And then a good estimate guaranteed.