Academic hour

Learning time student in high school is determined by the number of accounting units of teaching time allocated for the implementation of the training program on this educational or educational levels.Accounting unit in this case are: academic hour school day, week, semester course a year.

Academic hour - a minimal accounting unit of study time.Duration Academic hours, usually 45 minutes.The working week consists of 54 student hours, including 36 hours of classroom and 18 hours of extracurricular self-study.

distribution of training time

duration of the student's stay in the training course includes the time semesters, final control and holidays.The school year lasts 12 months, usually begins on September 1 and for students consists of training days, days of total control, examination sessions, weekends, holidays a
nd vacations.

beginning and end of sessions, as well as changes in the intervals between sessions, taking into account the working curriculum and schedule of the educational process are regulated by the schedule of training sessions on the courses, faculties.The training schedule drawn up for a semester, shall be notified to students no later than ten days before the sessions.

Change Change - a short break between lessons.Small changes that exist in school, typically 10 minutes.Also, there is a big change, a half-hour or a twenty-minute breaks between classes in the middle of the school day. "

university classes begin in different ways, usually in 8-9 hours in the morning.Classes are held in pairs: 2 lessons of 40 minutes.Between lessons are small changes to 5 minutes.Between pairs - a big change, which range from 15 to 20 minutes.

Big changes between pairs exist for the student to not only relax, but also to move to a different audience for the next class, go to the dining room, or visit the university library.Thus, after classes begin the entrance to the audience of students latecomers prohibited.Also, the university is not allowed to interrupt the class, go to the classroom and out of it during class.Leave the room only during a small or large changes.

Some high schools during the school day and longer introduced one-time big changes that make up 30-40 minutes.This is usually the lunch break after the third or fourth pair.A similar practice exists in many Moscow universities.