First of all, the findings and proposals should be based on concrete information.So first select, for what purpose and in what time frame is checked working groups and sections.
Then list all the circles and sections, surname, name and patronymic of their leaders, and to conclude whether the content of the classes approved plans.Then designate what the advantages and disadvantages were found during the scan.
At the end, go directly to the conclusions and proposals.They should be as specific as possible.For example, if it became clear that weak students involved in municipal, regional competitions, contests, it is necess
ary to point this out to teachers, leading the respective circles and sections, and invite them to make adjustments in their work.
If during the inspection it was found that did not meet expectations curricula activities that children are reluctant to participate in extracurricular activities, it is also necessary to note and give teachers the necessary recommendations.
Accordingly, in cases where children are involved in the groups and sections, to achieve good results at the municipal, regional competitions, Olympiads, received prizes and diplomas, in the conclusions should be marked achievements of teachers - leaderscircles and sections.
Forerunner parties should not be limited in its conclusions a listing advantages and disadvantages.It is the use of such conclusions a bit.It should also give suggestions on how it can improve the performance of a circle section, a particular help to the teacher.For example, children do not participate in regional competitions.If a formal approach - minus the teacher.But what if it was due to the fact that in rural schools did not have a vehicle?It will not hurt to reflect this fact and recommend heads of schools to seek assistance from municipal authorities.