Orthodox Theological Seminary are institutions of higher education of the Christian Church.The educational process may last four years (baccalaureate system) plus a couple of years (System Master).

the seminary foundation of the educational process is the study of the traditions of the Orthodox faith and the basic tenets of the Christian (dogmatic and moral).We can say that the seminary taught most of the Christian life.But we must not think that in such institutions is nothing but students do not read the Bible.In each workshop, there are several departments.Among them are the Department of Theology (theology), church-historical, philological (eg, classic and foreign linguistics), liturgical, church-practical, national history and some others (depending on the specific


main subjects considered the Scriptures of the New and Old Testament, dogmatic theology, liturgy, patrology, church history.In addition to purely Christian disciplines, students learn a lot of secular sciences.Thus, the teaching of ancient languages ​​(Latin, Greek and Hebrew) can be emphasized.Students are trying to understand the different kinds of stories, not only religious but also secular (domestic history, world history, and others).

in seminars dominate the humanities.Students learn the philosophy of religious and secular, are studying various branches of psychology.Special courses can be read on the basics of working with prisoners and the specificities of teaching theology.Some seminaries have higher mathematics, as well as subjects such as science and religion, and even physical education.

special place in the educational process has been studying the doctrine of non-Orthodox churches (Catholic and Protestant) and Sect Studies.The ability to open a discussion to read lectures on rhetoric and oratory, and gomeletike students are taught properly prepare sermons.

turns out that the person who has received a diploma from the seminary is not only an expert in the field of theology, but also can understand the basic humanities.