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Keep in mind that this article describes the procedure for completing the Diploma Supplement of the university.
The front side of a diploma in the "Surname, Name" enter your full name in the nominative case.
In the column "Date of Birth", do the following: write the date of birth of the figure (17), month - in words (May), and a year - four-digit number by writing the word
"year" (1983).
Go to line "Previous document of education."It must specify the name of the document on education, on the basis of which you are enrolled in the higher education institution (such as a certificate of secondary (full) general education) and the year of issue (year graduation).If you went to school abroad, indicate the name of the document on education in the Russian translation of the name of the State in which the document was issued.
next line - "Entrance Test".Write the word "was" if you pass the entrance exams for admission to the university, or "not provided" if you were exempt from entrance examinations in accordance with the law (eg, a winner of the All-Russian Olympiad profile subject of high school).
Columns "Enrolled (a)" and "completed (a) training in the" first enter a four-digit number of years of earnings and graduation respectively.Then write the full name of the higher education institution at which you received, and the name of the university you graduated from.Sometimes during your training colleges change their name, so go to the filling of the columns is responsible, otherwise you may find that you are trained in the supposedly non-existent university.
Under "Normative period of study full-time," specify the number of years during which the training in your high school full-time.Usually it is 5 years.
Filling line "direction / Function", write the name of the profession if you are enrolled in the program specialist, or the direction (for bachelors and masters).Do not forget to emphasize the right word.An example of a specialty - jurisprudence.
Go to line "specialization."Enter your specialization (eg, civil law lawyers), when you check out specialty.If you are the master, the line of "specialization" put the name of the master's program, and if the bachelor - "not provided".Do not write your specialty digital code.
Line "Term papers" write the name of coursework that you performed in the learning process, and a comma - assessment words.
Under "Practice" specify the types of practices that you passed (production, pre-diploma);duration in weeks (e.g., 4 weeks);evaluation of words or word "passed" if the evaluation of the practice is not exhibited.
Next is the string "final state exams."Write the name of the exam and a comma - assessment words.
After the words "Implementation and protection of final qualifying work" write the phrase "on the topic" (for masters - "Master's thesis"), put a colon and quotation marks, specify the name of the theme of final qualifying work throughcomma - the number of weeks during which you performed final qualifying work, and evaluation of words.If you are studying for a degree, which does not provide for the implementation and protection of final qualifying work, write the phrase "not provided".
To fill the column "During the study passed (a) tests, intermediate and final exams in the following disciplines:" Take gradebook, write down things that you learned and put assessment words.