Download the title page and bibliography from the Internet.The fact that they include a lot of design rules associated with the font size, arrangement of paragraphs, arranged proportions relative to the sheet and the number of quotes after the title.Therefore, downloading a title page or bibliography any work, you can simply change the data on their own, and thus avoid many problems.
Write your own introduction.This is part of the work that needs to be written in person in order to avoid accusations of plagiarism.You must explain your choice of topic (even if you have imposed it), to emphasize the relevance of the issue and write "goals and objectives" of the work.Classically, they are written as follows: "The purpose of my essay - examine (the object, the subject of the work)."
Divide the bulk of the chapter
2-3.For the analysis of the work (essay on philosophy) would be the ideal option, "analysis work + own opinion," to work on physical culture: "Theoretical studies + practical application" and so on.Break the work into a plurality of heads is not: you also need to be broken down each major part of the short sub-headings - and this is already enough.To comply with all the formalities related to the fonts, line spacing, and fat content titles - again, use the abstracts from the Internet.
referenced. Essay requires students not some research, but rather a systematization of knowledge on a particular issue.For this reason, it is not forbidden Verbatim copying blocks of text from other sources.However, in that case you need to specify immediately after the copied link in the format [I, c.244], where the first value - the Roman numeral indicating the book from the bibliography, and the second - the number of pages of the book.
conclusion must be written independently.It usually has a size of not more than one and a half pages and is a generalization of the above.It can begin with the words "supply and togas, we have ..." and in a few paragraphs to confirm that the purpose of the work was done by you.