Remove deployed photocopies diploma well.Refer to the notary, it is desirable to this, which is already faced with the process of legalization diploma s.Ask in advance in the local Chamber of Notaries, is there in your town such specialists.
Imagine a notary is not only a copy, but the original diploma well.The notary must verify compliance with the original copies, write notarization and put a seal at the bottom of the sheet, hem sheets of this new annex to the diploma have.In the upper right corner is stamped "copy."Payment of notary services.
Contact your local translation company, has a state license for the provision of such services.Usually translated only into English, but some countries
require that diploma was transferred and their official language.Within 7 days you will receive a translated copy of the diploma well.On the transfer must necessarily be signed by the person who engaged in them.Payment for the services of an interpreter.
Refer again to the same notary to he assured foreign-language copy of the diploma well.The notary must certify the signature of the translator to have them certified copies in Russian.After a visit to the notary in the foreign-language copies to be notarization and printing.Notary fees.
If you legalizuete diploma country signatory to the Hague Convention (about 80 countries), then you can put down an apostille (a stamp confirming receipt diploma and the Russian Federation) in the Department of Justiceyour region, and if not - it is only the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and the Consulate of the country.
contact the Department of Justice or the Ministry of Justice, provide all documents (passport, original and copy of a diploma a) and get details for court fees.Apostille takes no more than 1 day.