The Internet is full of sites offering learning English as simple to communicate, and for specific professional tasks.To determine the choice, offers a selection of the most popular resources. - a community of lovers of foreign languages.It is proposed to study English and eleven languages.Most functions are available for free.Exercise courses are checked by native speakers Submit your exercise, you can check the jobs of those who study the Russian language.

About 2 500 rubles are invited to receive an annual subscription to the membership of "Premium".This allows you to access the grammar course, video lessons and receive a certificate of course completion.Also, members of the "Premium" can learn multiple languages
​​at the same time and download version of the site for mobile devices.

Russian resources created for lovers of English.Engage can also completely free of charge.At registration, the user receives the lion cub who needs to be fed meatballs.Meatballs will have to make in the learning process.

Unlike the previous site, there is a clear structure of the lesson.The intensity of training, the amount of training and educational materials can be selected independently.Access to the grammatical training courses and some paid, "Gold Status" for the year is 2400 rubles. But often the stock at deep discounts.

can study English on the website of the BBC.Education and access to all the resources are free of charge.The main emphasis is on the study of "living language" - idioms, slang, accent.

All materials are divided into topics of interest: business, sport, music, news, and so on. D., So that you can learn the language of the most interesting topics.You can also ask any questions for linguists. - another site for self-study of English.After registration, all tutorials are available for free.It is also proposed an English language course for children.In addition to English, you can learn other European languages: German, French, Italian, Spanish.

For those wishing to learn to write competently resource exists Lang 8. You can write any text and send it to verify a speaker, which corrects errors, if any.

site will be very useful for people to do any written work in English or just want to make sure that the correct use of speech and expression.

For fans of video lessons on a portal You Tube you can find a large number of channels, broadcasting a variety of classes and English language courses, including American English, youth slang, practicing the correct pronunciation, and other useful things.