Be friendly.For you, it is important to find a common language with all the students of the group for whom you will meet at least one semester.Try not to show negative emotions, hide and hold them on those who you do not like.You do not need to become the best friend of every student, but will have to maintain communication.
Communicate with the teachers, knowing everyone in sight and by name.This skill comes with time, it is you'll be the first to know the list of mentors for a semester, and their subjects.Keep track of all the details;perhaps that heads of department loves lilies come in handy on her birthday.
Listen to the concerns and requests of his classmates.Their solution is completely entrusted to you, so any question related to their studies, living in
a hostel, you should listen carefully and do everything possible to solve it.
Follow the documentation.Logging visits, evaluation sheets and other important documents will be at your disposal.You will have to answer for them and their correct design (like you, and teachers).
Follow the dean's office.Such qualities as responsibility and punctuality, you will be very useful.Orders management faculty will be transferred to and executed by the actions elders, so you have to try not to let the dean's office.