you need
  • dictionaries - English-Russian and Russian-English, little pieces of paper, pen, tape, video and audio materials in English.
If you feel that you need an extension vocabulary stock and the study of the English language, you can use a variety of techniques, but there is an easy way at home to get rid of the gaps in knowledge.Work with the dictionary.Write down the words you want to remember.The best way to learn vocabulary for a specific topic, "Family", "The political system," "Summer vacation", etc.First, you will meet the same root word, and second, the words of one field of use are linked logically, so you will be easier to find the right word in the memory when you need it (in any case, will b
e found, or a synonym for explaining expression).
Make little notes.The technique, which is often used by students of language faculties, when you need to learn a few dozen words in a short time, is this: should write down all the words with a transcription into small pieces of paper on the back - translation.Ink should not shine, so you should take a heavy paper and avoid pressure when writing.
Writing words on the paper, you repeat them again
Attach notes in a prominent place.Using adhesive tape, place the note "English" side out everywhere: in the refrigerator, on the door in the bathroom, on the mirror in the wardrobe.The main thing - they must be evident.Every time you see them, you'll read a word, then watch the translation (on the back).A few days later word dwell in your memory, you do not need to remind the Russian explanation.
Adhesive tape can be replaced by magnets, Pushpin
actualized new vocabulary.The most important step in memorizing new words is a step of updating, ie the inclusion of the words in live speech.To do this you need to talk or correspond with native speakers, the case of songs and watch movies without translation.When you are able to choose the right word quickly enough, use it in the desired value in the right situation, we can assume that you have given this lexical unit, it has become a part of your vocabulary stock well.
Free talk on any subject - the dream of anyone who studies the foreign language