to apply to two or more universities at a time is possible.After the selection committee applicant delivers a copy of all necessary papers.The list includes: a medical certificate of the established sample, photos 3x4 cm, certificate of completion of secondary school certificate.Already in the selection committee will want to write documents with a request to allow the student to entrance tests indicating the specialty and faculty, wherever he wanted to go.

In connection with the advent of the Single State Examination procedure admission to higher education was simplified.In addition to all the necessary documents an applicant must present also the results of the final testing.It is carried out according to the scores selection of potential students.

However, a number of universities not only accept assessment of the Unified State Exam, and also offers its own version of the entrance examinations.If you have selected two such schools, you can still pass examinations in two places at once.The main thing to take into account that the load will double, which means that both nervous stress is twice as much.There is a risk to fail the receipt and there and there.

However, if you believe in their abilities, do not forget to specify the date of the tests or interviews.After all, take exams simultaneously in two universities at once is unlikely to succeed if it falls on the same day and at the same time.In this case, you will have to choose which school and profession more important to you.

After passing the exams, in the case of sufficiently high score, the entrant will have to choose which high school he will learn.There also need to be attributed, and the original documents.Alternatively, if the second specialty of the student are also interested, he can try to make his points counted and issued it to the correspondence department.