you need
  • - a sheet of paper;
  • - handle.
before oral examination is required to jog on.Make a plan for response, which shall consist of the main theses on the subject.It is important to not only memorize information "from cover to cover" as well understand the logic of the answer.
When preparing to answer, try to control your body.Remember that, in most cases, teachers can see when students cheat.If you are not very well prepared for the exam, choose clothes quiet tones, do not use bright accessories, which will focus on your every movement.Remember that it is important not only to behave during the exam, but also look good, be neatly dressed and coiffed.
most comfortable position two people in conversation - perpendicular to each other
.If your chair is put in such a way that the "comfort zone" is created, try to edit their position by turning slightly to the right side of the body (for example, sit down sideways).
When you sat down to answer, start speaking cheerfully, without faltering, but try not to use active gestures.Hand movements can either give your excitement and get a teacher to think that you do not have words to express thoughts, so you and helping himself with his hands.Be discreet, but not stiffness.
Answering not stick his nose into a piece written in preparation.While waiting their turn, try to remember the main points, the concepts of transfer.The examiner may even take written or to ask you to tell in their own words.So be sure to concentrate on its response.
If you think that in your head, "empty", do not worry.Take a deep breath, exhale.Focus on any word in your reply.Try to follow the principle of 'from the particular to the general, "to spin the story and remember the information.
sure to monitor his speech.Exclude keywords parasitic extra interjection, "moo" and inarticulate sounds.All this creates a very bad impression on the examiners gives your excitement and says the inability to restrain themselves.
to behave properly during the exam, please refrain from the use of sedative pills or tinctures such as "Valerian."They lead to sleepiness and a strong inhibition.It can also cause complete apathy, leading to a reluctance to recall the stuff that you know.The most recognized safe tincture "Peony".Be sure to consult a doctor before its use.