teacher Primary school teacher to be friendly, balanced and respectful.Work with young children requires a lot of patience and professional tact.During seven years in children occurs during the crisis, instead of the usual comfort kindergarten or at home, a new atmosphere of austerity and responsibility.Many kids do not want to grow up and continue to misbehave and change, and on the lessons and on school holidays.Support first teacher - the basis of the correct formation of the child's mind.The child feels this heat, it helps him in dealing with pupils and psychological problems. At our first meeting with the teacher, try to be helpful and responsive.It is important from the first day to establish contact with her t
o address future challenges.

Age, experience and merit teacher

Age and experience is important in choosing a teacher.So, the young college graduate pedagogical initiative and full of energy, but does not have the experience, and the teacher in a respectable age might well have burned in the profession and have no enthusiasm, while being a carrier of a large teaching experience.The teacher, who has overcome all the difficulties of training and education of children has a clear diagram of the educational process, confidence in their behavior and stress in difficult situations.Fortified by its experience in competitions and festivals, the teacher receives a higher status in school.He trusted testing of new methods and programs, conducting lessons with subjects.If you want your child to attend for enhanced educational program should pay attention to those teachers. only collect accurate information about the selected teachers, do not collect anything unconfirmed rumors.

Reviews of parents and children

To get a complete picture of the selected teacher is to know the opinion of other parents.They will share their experiences on the work of the teacher, talk about how it works and the specifics of resolving conflicts.

Children look at your teacher, so what would be a remarkable school for his mother you choose, should know that the thought of her own child.Generally, schools are open days, where children and parents can meet with each of the teachers.To become better acquainted with them and you can prepare for school lessons, which are held in the spring before entering the first grade.This will ensure competence of the teacher, and a good attitude to him your child.