At the end of 9th grade all students pass the final state certification, in other words - exams.Total students have to pass exams at least 4, binding among them are mathematics and Russian language, and the other student chooses independently from the entire list of items that he studies in school.Among these items, you can select the exam in literature, geography, history, social studies, foreign languages ​​(English, German, French and Spanish), physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and information technology.
In addition, take mathematics and Russian language after the 9th grade all students are required to format the DPA - the final tests and tasks that are carried out as a single examination for all Russian schoolchildren.How to donate the remaining items, the student decides for itself: you can choose to take the exam or t
he DPA in the school in the usual manner, for example, tickets, or in the form of a written examination, project and so on.
Sometimes the school itself encourages its students to take the DPA in other subjects or explain that they do not need to do it.Select the DPA in other subjects or not also depends on whether the student is in school after the 9th grade.If not, the results of the DPA it may be necessary for admission to a college or school.In this case, you need to select those items, which are specialized in these schools.When going to a different school in the 10th grade are also sometimes required results of the DPA in all four subjects.
school Sometimes a particular profile may appoint additional examination to students, then students have to take the three compulsory subjects and two or one by choice.The total number of examinations for students in grade 9 should not exceed five.