Use of writing computer.The volume of the report should not be more than 5 A4 pages with parameters: 210x297 mm (left margin of 21 mm, the top margin of 20 mm, 21 mm right margin, bottom margin 20 mm).The scope includes links, pictures, diagrams, abstract, etc.
Arrange the title page of the report font size 16 pins, the name of the theme write in capital letters, bold italic, aligned with the center.The following topics, in the center the author or authors of the report (font size 14 pins, italic, single spaced).In the design of the cover sheet uses a single font type - Times New Roman.
List the list of organizations or institutions which represent the speakers on the front page of the paper next to the name of the author.Requirements for the list: font
size 12 point, single spaced, italics, separated by semicolons.
Put e-mail after the list of speakers companies on a separate line.Font size 12 point, single spaced.
Make a summary of your report on a separate page.Font size 12 point, single spaced.
Collect the main text of the report font Times New Roman, size 14, single-spaced pins.
Place bibliography on a separate page.He typed in 12 pins, numbered, and reference numbers indicated in the text in square brackets.The list of references must be the author's initials before the surname without spaces.
Arrange tables, charts, figures in the appendix of the report.Requirements for registration: the name of the table - bold, 14 pins, centered;Below is the table itself.On one sheet, you can make out a few tables.
make a frame for each page of the report, including the title page (if such registration is not prohibited by your supervisor).To do this, use the command: file-page settings, paper source boundary.In the dialog box, set the frame type, width, color and pattern.