Most working people take pre-graduation vacation as an opportunity to relax.Just then, an afterthought, they realize that the release was not given in vain.During these few months, it was necessary to prepare my thesis project and explanatory note to it.To this did not happen, you need to pre-graduation vacation competently plan, in accordance with their capabilities.


students who study at the correspondence department, Head of the graduation project outputs, as a rule, if you are not ready thesis project, but at least a list of references where you can find all the necessary materials.But whatever may have been literate student consultation with your s
upervisor should still be.Thus, planning their undergraduate holiday schedule must be adjusted to these consultations.

Often students now studying in another city, do not even need to go to a meeting - becoming more common online consultation.Time of these consultations is much easier to negotiate by telephone.If the teacher does not go to such concessions, it would have to agree in advance on the days of consultations, so as not to come to school for nothing.

planning graduation project

Topic degree project stipulate if not at the end of the penultimate school year, at the beginning of the latter.And in the middle of the school year, you already have to decide exactly the same time, on what kind of topic you will write a thesis project.

If you know the topic beforehand, and the time and resources you have, the preliminary version of his graduation project, you can jot down before the last session and submit it to your supervisor.This way you can liberate yourself 2-4 months (depending on the university) who spend a much greater benefit and pleasure.

But many do not think about it because you have to write an explanatory note when required by the educational process.Make a plan for his explanatory note to the diploma project.This will simplify your work - the plan is always easier to write.Scroll to the main sections of your explanatory note.If necessary, draw / print / paint posters.That's all you need to do before the first consultation.Of course, you can write and a preliminary version of the explanatory note, but this can be absolutely no need to work, if the head does not accept your plan.After consultation can be taken immediately after writing an explanatory note.To save time, use e-mail.Head can check it and make corrections if necessary.


Many working students with their employer conclude an additional agreement to the labor contract, according to which you will be able, during his undergraduate work holidays.Depending on the text of the agreement, you will receive a salary, or will be able to take additional time off at any time convenient to you.