Tip 1: As a boy dressed in school

Somehow Teenage fashion is always on the side of girls.Fashion collections, sites devoted to how to dress to school, women's magazines with interesting lukbukami - all at their disposal from which to draw ideas for appearance.But the boy to think of what would have to go to school tomorrow, much more difficult, and it does not have such a powerful fashion support.
problem is solved by itself, if the school provides uniforms.The mold may be either the same for all students and allow variants.Equally sew to order immediately to the whole class, it differs only in the size.For boys it is usually a jacket or vest, but the shirt and pants must be chosen independently.The only requirement for them - a classic and preppy look.
If the statute of the institution simply sets some restrictions in appearance, it provides much more space fantasy.For example, requirements for boys Set classic suit - which means that you can choose the style, color, etc., as long as the official wore a suit,
businesslike - no bright colors, fabrics and more.But even in this situation, you can choose a very stylish and beautiful dress for school.And for younger children, and young adults assistants are fashion magazines and websites.
Maybe the school does not provide a form.However, this does not mean that you can come back anyhow.The school, in any case involves some kind of official.If the educational institution allowed jeans, they should be classical, with elegant sweaters and jackets.By the way, jeans, shirt and jacket - a very good option.If you are a follower of any subculture, remember - its attributes and appropriate clothing is strictly not suitable for the school.However, any of the details are acceptable - in fact express his inner world to many is a must.
which is absolutely unacceptable to school - so it's tracksuit.In physical education classes - yes, but the rest of the track suit - it is a catastrophic lack of taste.How would you not be comfortable in it, whatever it was practical, remember that outside the gym tracksuit - a taboo.And just sweat pants with a T-shirt, especially in combination with classic shoes, too, will make you look like a comic character of the series, which obviously does not play in your favor.

Tip 2: How to dress for school

If your school does not provide school uniforms or any other dress code, then a decision on how to dress for school is entirely up to you.This has its pros and cons.
How to dress to school

the downside here is that the fashion she is one, and thus it does not matter whether the girl to school or to the disco, of course, dress in these cases will be different, but the meaning remainsone, the girls want to stand out from the crowd.And in this case remain in harm those girls whose parents are unable to fulfill all their wishes.

If we talk about the advantages of this situation, it should be noted that girls in these schools still remain unique individuals who do not dress like everyone else.

Still, there are things that should not be considered as a variant of clothes, when a person decides how to dress for school today.For example, do not go to school in bright clothes and calling, the same goes for makeup.

The ideal situation would be for girls classic version of the so-called school uniform that is dark bottom white top.The dark skirt and a light blouse good solution to the problem, besides clothing such always looks elegant.Such a suit can be added vest.

Clothing for boys, too, must be strict.Dark pants and a light shirt, it's a great option of what can go to school.However, be aware that you need to choose a dress shoes, not sneakers.

Whatever the clothing in which the child goes to school, it should be remembered that it should be not only and not so much one can say pretty much comfortable.Because the children are restless, and they should be easy to move in their clothing.

In addition, only if the clothing is comfortable and beautiful, the child will carefully monitor the cleanliness of their clothes, and this in turn will lead to the fact that it will be accurate.

Putting the child in school, keep in mind that though he is small, but personality, so if your school does not provide school uniform and a choice of what exactly will be walking a child rests with the parentsthen you should be aware that the child should be dressed neatly in quiet tones, but also so that he was comfortable in his clothes.