Find a way of remembering
Everyone has a leading channel of perception: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (through traffic).Visual easier to remember diagrams, drawings, films, etc.Therefore, it is necessary to use visual images such student in preparing for the exam.If the child is leading a rumor, he will help in the preparation for the exam, audiobooks and lectures, as well as retelling aloud.When the master channel kinesthetic, the easiest way to memorize the material through movement.For example, you can offer your child to write the answers to exam questions.

Do not encourage your child is preparing for the exam in a manner convenient for parents.He may have a very different percept
ion of the leading channel.Attention should be paid to the child as it is easier to remember the material.Only he, analyzing their own characteristics, clearly able to determine which system is the perception he leads.
Do not scold the child for the use of cribs.Of course, do not allow them to take the exam.But on their own cribs - a great way to structure the material.Help your child make them.The idea is to highlight the most important thing in the material and burn it, using the minimum amount of text.
story aloud
One of the most effective ways to understand and remember anything - to explain the material to someone who does not understand it.In addition, the pronunciation of the ears is more beneficial than "myself."Those who explain, may ask clarifying questions.Such questions, rather than the standard textbook, will help to structure the material in the mind of a child.
ability to relax
Teach your child the right to rest.More unprofitable and inefficient to sit at textbooks for 8 hours a day.Be sure to need breaks.Proper rest - a change of activity, change.If a child is sitting still in the process of preparation for the exam, for the rest it needs to move, but do not lie in front of TV.It is very useful to be a walk in the fresh air and exercise.Physical activity should be periodically interrupted the monotonous process of learning.

On the last day before the exam is not necessary to encourage your child to sit at textbooks.Much more important is to let him have a good rest and sleep.As the saying goes, "before his death did not inhale."A surge child can not forget the necessary information on the contrary.

methods of self-regulation in the process of preparing for the exam, and the child can use the methods of self-regulation.The essence of those is to manage the state's own nervous system.In preparation for exams rather help methods of concentration, self-hypnosis, relaxation and visualization.

child needs to learn the methods of self-regulation.Tell him how relax themselves in difficult situations, which helps you to concentrate.It is also possible with the child to visualize a positive outcome: all the details to submit the exam itself, its successful outcome and joy of the outcome.Such visualization can sketch and hang over the table children.

can with your child to develop a positive self-suggestion formula.For example, the following words: "I have time, I can well remember, and I will succeed."Let the child repeats the formula when rolls frustration or fatigue.Parents can also transmit to him such an attitude, "you will do it, you all have learned," etc.
rites and rituals
come up with their rituals and ceremonies to be conducted with the child before each exam.Most likely, many parents remember student ritual of "freebies come" when the night before the exam need to shout this phrase from the window, waving a record book.Such ceremonies are weighty psychological significance, although they may seem silly.Rituals help psychologically tune in to the exam.