you need
  • - employee work record or other document confirming the experience;
  • - calendar;
  • - Calculator.
determine the period of employment, which are included in the insurance period in accordance with the Federal Law №255-FZ of 29.12.2006.In other words, write down the start and end dates of work for each enterprise on the basis of the work book, employment contract or other document that confirms the fact of implementation of labor functions in an organization.If the employee changed his name, first name or middle name, it must present a document on the basis of which to make changes.
Calculate the number of calendar days in each period of work, which is included in the insurance period.If the supporting documents are n
ot defined the exact date of admission / dismissal, and said only a year, with the actual date should be July 1st.When the specified month and year, and the number for some reason missing, should be used to calculate the 15 of the month.
Calculate the total duration of insurance employee in calendar days, clasped each other counted the days for all periods of work.
Select the number of full months of insurance.For a month should be 30 days.
Select the number of full years.For the whole year should be 12 months or 360 days.
Determine the length of insurance in years, months, days.Be aware that if you want to determine the length of the employee benefits for temporary disability, you should include the period of his work in your enterprise from the moment of the actual date of calculation of insurance.
In calculating pensions total experience includes periods of work up to 01.01.2002.It should include the training in an educational institution, as well as caring for a child over 3 years, for a disabled child under 16 years, as well as other periods specified in the relevant legislation.