The job search process is the most difficult interviews.The slightest change in the appearance, conversation or behavior can be decisive in the selection of candidates for the vacancy.Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the interview.Correct behavior can help to find a job and become a successful person.

what not to do

Get ready for an interview in advance.Missing an extremely negative impact on employability.Unscrupulous appearance, odor from the body repel.Too revealing clothes does not correspond to the image of a business person.It is advisable to use a strict suit.Unless, of course, the work is not related to show business, or other creative work.The cheeky behavior and avoid fidgeting.

Do not look away from the interlocutor and not "run around" eyes around the room.In an interview with the employer, avoid slang, talking about their problems, politics

and religion.Do not let the negative comments about past employers.Do not interrupt the interlocutor.And most importantly - do not lie.In the case of a positive decision on employment in the future, will certainly lie.

What to do

there are rules to help you find a job and bring the applicant to the desired job.What actions will help increase the chances of getting a job:

1. Find out as much information about a company in which you want to work.What to do, how much time there is, what kind of reputation enjoyed by employees and customers?

2. Find out what the company is selling or offering, and what kind of work the applicant will have to do.Do you cope with the task, and how it will be interesting.This can be found during the telephone conversation.Did this information will make you give up the job and do not waste your time.

3. Review and add up all the necessary documents the day before the interview.

4. The employer may ask why you want to work in his company.Consider the answer in advance.Try to show that you know about the affairs of the company and are interested in cooperation.What do you need such work.

5. In the matter of the desired salary, try not to call specific numbers.It is better to find out what amount the employer offers.If he insists on articulating desired, name a little overpriced than the estimated amount.

After the interview, wait for an answer, if you are not asked to call their own.In case of failure, analyze their actions and try to figure out what was the cause.This will help to avoid repeating mistakes.