In order to fulfill the task of finding the necessary personnel, should think about three things:

How do we look for? Search is active and passive.Passive search involves the implementation of work on the basis of incoming information only, that is, viewing the ads of competitors on specialized sites, message boards, resume on websites.Active search is based on pre-production and dissemination of information through all available channels of information.This is primarily for job ads in newspapers, on television, on internet sites.In this way, you activate the process of finding candidates, encouraging them to communicate with a potential employer.Passive search is given priority planned acquisition personnel.And at the close of urgent job or searching for a particular employee should refer to the active search.

Where shall we look for?

There are three main channels of information: public, personal and corporate.

common channel - a print and electronic media.It is the most open and the most massive.

For personal channels include relatives, friends, colleagues, business partners of the company, officers and personnel reserve.

Corporate channel - is first of all recruitment agencies and employment services and employment.Also, this channel may include education, job fairs, business seminars and trainings.

which channels to use - to select the personnel.But depending on the situation it is better to use different channels of information.

What we need to look for? Before searching the candidate should study the information needs of enterprise staffing, the conditions of admission to work, qualification requirements for candidates and criteria for preliminary assessment of the candidate to meet the formal requirements of the enterprise.You need to know exactly what knowledge and skills must have the applicant.