not so hard to become a DJ as it may seem at first glance.The specifics of this musician is that he does not create his own tracks, but only loses strangers.In this profession you can work quite well, without having songwriter and music education, just be a rumor, and fervently love their job.That is one option of climbing to his goal.

  1. began to actively use the thematic sites (, focused a lot of useful tips for beginners that allows you to quickly enter the ropes.

  2. Set to PC software that simulates the work of a DJ and experimenting, using information ob
    tained from the Internet.Well proven intuitive software Traktor DJ Studio, which simulates game on vinyl and CD players.Its study is not particularly difficult and will not take much time.

  3. have a party at home, as soon as a more or less steady skill information tracks.By connecting to a computer a couple of powerful speakers, guests play a small set of favorite songs.Repeat these actions to hone the skill mix in the program.

  4. friends with working as a DJ and begin the development of real equipment.Ask for his help in choosing their own devices.

  5. Continue home concerts, using the purchased accessories.Seek and you can enhance technology in headphones, but periodically required to practice the game in public.For variety, you can hire amplifying equipment and arrange open-air on the lawn of a country house.

  6. Search site.Career begins with the speeches "opening act" at the more famous colleagues.

Throughout this procedure, you must continually replenish the store of knowledge, personal music collection and remember that the prospect of becoming a DJ depends on the desire to develop.