The first thing to keep in mind the safeguards prescribed by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation for pregnant women.These include, in particular, to the impossibility of dismissal on the initiative of the management during pregnancy and leave to care for a child, including when working on fixed-term contracts, the possibility of transfer to another job, eliminating adverse effects on the body, with average pay ofthe main place, the opportunity to work part-time or part-time.In addition, the future mother is forbidden to work overtime, work at night, weekends and holidays, and sent to the missions.To ensure a comfortable working environment, it is advisable to inform the authorities about their i
nteresting position as soon as possible.

Pregnancy requires regular visits to an obstetrician-gynecologist and the passage of various medical examinations, which are often carried out during working hours.Also, it is possible that a woman can go to the hospital, so the employer must be aware of the condition of the employee, if necessary, to temporarily assign its duties to another employee and release it without sacrificing workflow.

Another important factor - the material.With loyal leadership can negotiate wage increases, and if you make it in advance, you can increase the amount of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, and the content of leave to care for a child, but certainly not above the legal limit.In addition, some companies are providing pregnant women are not statutory benefits, health insurance, allowing to receive paid medical care and individual approach to the management of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as additional payments.

Timely information will enable the authorities of the pregnancy without haste to choose the place of the future mother of another staff member to teach it and to fully and accurately transfer the case taking into account all the nuances.Putting guidance before the fact just before the publication of the decree is not desirable: in this case, is very likely a negative attitude, which may adversely affect the work, the salary relation to pregnant employees in general.

If a woman works for a long time, it can be assumed reaction of the authorities pregnancy subordinates by the example of its predecessors, care in the decree earlier.But even with the negative experiences of colleagues is not necessary to keep his condition secret from the immediate supervisor, because it can obtain this information from another source, such as from the unfriendly staff, and very likely will be more disappointed and even angry than if heardit firsthand.

Keep in mind that the interests of the pregnant woman is strictly protected by law, so there is no sense to be afraid to inform the authorities about the future replenishment of the family.By doing this in a timely manner, you can get a lot of benefits.