Cover Letter, or cover letter is a kind of presentation of the applicant for a job, that is a summary of basic information about yourself, you want to work in the company and advantage over other candidates.The main objective of the document - to attract attention and interest a potential employer that he had a desire to not only read the summary, but also to communicate in person.

According to established practice in Russia are often sent to applicants resume e-mail without any comment.In some cases, the administration may contain a brief accompanying note, for example: "Good afternoon!I am sending my resume. "But
in order to arouse interest in a recruiter, this is not enough.

Although most employers consider the summary and without Cover Letter, the presence of the latter is very welcome.And if it's written correctly, consistently, logically and contains important information about the applicant on the job - it's a big step to success in finding the desired job.

In addition, the cover letter helps in various cases where the information presented in the summary might get the wrong opinion about the candidates: in the quarry were unsuccessful transitions, education does not fit the profile of the work, but there is a wealth of practical experience, etc.Cover Letter It is intended to convince the employer that we should not lose sight of the summary of the applicant, which can bring a lot of benefits and is ideal for the position.Write

quality cover letter is not difficult, but it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements.The first text should include reference to a specific person: HR manager, the Chief of Staff, etc.Usually, contacts are indicated on recruiting websites or ads in the media, but if you want the recipient can find out by phone.

Next you need to indicate the position claimed by the applicant, and specify the source of information for job: newspaper ad, a specialized job search sites, and so on the recommendation of friendsAnother important point - a summary of information about themselves without details: name, surname, education, work experience in the direction of, the achievements in the professional field.

Also in the cover letter should be noted his interest in it to this company and the proposed position, as well as personal and professional qualities, which can be useful company.It is desirable to express a willingness to a personal meeting and discuss the prospects of cooperation.At the end be sure to specify contact numbers and email address.

Overall Cover Letter requires clearance by the rules of business letter.Thought should be set out clearly and precisely, without the use of complex grammatical structures, so that the text is easily read and understood by the addressee.Well-written cover letter can be the key to success, highlighting the resume of the author among many others.Respect for the applicant to the etiquette of business communication can play a significant role for employers and provides an advantage over other applicants.