you need
  • - documents of an employee;
  • - labor law;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - forms of standard contracts;
  • - Order Form T-1;
  • - the application form.
When making internal pluralist take from him a statement.It is written in an arbitrary manner, but with the proviso that the position is a combination.Point the document to the directory in which case the consent of the visa is affixed.
Enclose a pluralist employment contract.Specify the working conditions of employees.Enter your form of payment (piecework, time-based).Write what made payment of the remuneration to the employee, depending on the number of hours actually worked or the number of manufactured products (parts).Note that the part-time worker is entitled to work for an additional post in their spare time, but not more than four hours a day.Accordingly, the monthly salary will be half of his salary, said staffing for the specific category of employees.
Arrange the order, use the form of a T-1.Enter the information in the document refer to the pluralist him a receipt.As a rule, the order serves as a basis for making entries in the work book.This can be done only with the expressed request of the employee.
for entry in the work book employee is required to adopt a statement addressed to the Director.The final document is considered, then the order is issued for the personnel department.Personnel officers are making record after record on the main post.When an employee leaves the main work should be done with the record of the dismissal of more, and then to the main office.
When making external part of the employer shall be entitled to an additional post conclude a contract with a specialist (drawn up with the proviso concurrently).Personal card is put headhunters, it shall enter the information about the employee (personal data, education, etc.)
In the work book the employer, which the employee performed work functions in combination, make a record has no right to.Employee requested certificate of confirmation of employment in a particular company.Document certified by the blue seal of the company, signed by the head.
main employer paid a part-time post based on the certificate.And she shall follow after writing about reception the main job only after it should be recorded on the additional post.