receive an invitation to interview , immediately proceed with the preparation of the meeting.Start by gathering information on the organization to invite you.Ask around friends, use the services of the internet to find out the requirements that apply to employees.This can be a strict dress code, discipline, etc.Think about how you will be able to demonstrate their willingness to conform to accepted standards.
examining the collected material, proceed to the formation of an image of an ideal e
mployee of the company.It can be smooth hairstyle and tailored clothes, or the opposite - a manifestation of creativity that can match the atmosphere of the company and the position for which you are applying.The same applies to the manner of communication.Demonstrate business communication style, using professional terms when discussing your skills or the ability to support any communication style, if you need it for future work.
Come on interview exactly on time.It is not necessary to appear at the office for half an hour to promayatsya in the hallway, showing the presence of free time and full unemployment (the uselessness of other employers).Or, even worse, provoke human resources practitioners looking into the room and a reminder of his own presence.
course, do not be late.By doing this you have shown disrespect to his counterparts and the neglect of discipline in general, which dramatically reduce your chances of getting the post, even if you long to apologize.Refer to relevant today saying "Accuracy - the politeness of kings."In the modern version of it would sound as a "non-workers".