Maybe you do not really lucky, and your boss is gone.But maybe you just have not been able to find a common language with him?After all, in relations with the authorities concerned in the first place, you.That you are in a subordinate position, and you, in which case it will have to find a new job.

Try to answer several questions:

- what demands the boss to employees and what quality values;
- I answer this requirement, and if I have these qualities;
- I have not committed any acts that compromise me in the eyes of the boss;
- what can I do to correct the impression of me.

Look for the boss and try to determine how it relates to the production process.If he prefers to control all stages of corrosive activity and delves i
nto all the little things you may want to refer to it often with interim reports and to consult on all issues.If the chef prefers to separate employees and requires only the final result, bother it only in extreme cases, in order not to cause irritation.

Any chief of waiting for subordinates of good work and discipline.If the boss several times caught you for the unfolding of solitaire during working hours, do not be surprised that his opinion about you has changed for the worse.Only the demonstration of labor enthusiasm, you can correct the impression of himself.For example, come up with some ideas for optimizing the labor process.Think about what they may not like the boss, and prepare reasoned objections.If your ideas are not accepted, do not worry - at least, the chief appreciated your dedication.

Perhaps your boss really is incompetent - then it requires tactful assistance.If he is a decent person, it would be grateful for the assistance, even if you assign the results of your labor.If gratitude is not followed, consider how in the future to build a relationship with the boss - perhaps with the next good idea is better to go directly to higher authorities.

Convinced monsters and sadists among the chiefs of the exception rather than the rule.If you think that the boss deliberately offends the whole team, I think that your boss is also under pressure.Perhaps there are some circumstances that you did not know, but the boss is well aware of them and is therefore not free to act.