employment of foreign workers to be aware, first of all, the type of his visa.If a person who arrives in your country on a temporary visa, his tenure is limited to the term of the visa.As a rule, no more than 9 days from the date of entry into the territory of a foreign state.If a foreigner has precisely this type of documents, employ, then do it (and, therefore, extend the validity of their visa) he can no more than a year.This condition should be reflected in the relevant employment contract, which will be concluded with him.But this is true only when the citizen of another country finds a job in a state enterprise
.If a person was called to work as a highly qualified specialist to an individual, then his term is not limited to one year.But in fact, and in another case, you need a work permit as a foreigner, and permission to hire a foreign worker, the employer company.
By hiring such an employee to work, remember that you must notify several instances that you hired a foreigner.This migration service and tax, as well as employment agencies and labor inspection.Some information on hiring a foreigner should be provided within three working days from the date of registration of an employment contract, in others - within a month.And the best thing with this case not to delay, because the inspectors supervising bodies always love to come "out of season".This means that in case of non-compliance with their demands you face fines.And a lot.
with foreigners who are temporarily residing in the territory, such as Russia, it is easier.You can hire them without any problems, but given the fact that the temporary residence in the country is limited to 3 years.And most importantly - do not forget to check with such worker permit for employment.
With those foreign nationals who have a residence permit, should be no problem.They are not limited by any of the terms of residence in the country.The only difference between them and the indigenous people of the country that foreigners have to be authorized to work in this country.At the same time notify the supervising immigration authorities that the employee was hired or fired do not need.